Do you love super cute things and want to learn to embroider?

Super Cute Intro to Embroidery is for you!

In this beginner's class, you'll learn all the basics of embroidery, done in the most adorable way possible. Incorporating kawaii (a Japanese word that means super cute!) into everything from the sampler pattern to the supplies, and even some special tips for stitching faces, everything about this class will make you smile.

Super Cute Intro to Embroidery is perfect for folks of all ages. The class is not designed for children, but young stitchers can certainly follow along.

NOTE: The stitch lessons are all presented right-handed.

Video Tutorials

Learn the step-by-step process for everything from getting started to 13 basic embroidery stitches to finishing your project. All with videos to show you how.

Stitch Diagrams

Along with video instructions, you'll find stitch diagrams and written instructions, allowing you to learn how to embroider in ways that work for you.

Embroidery Sampler Pattern

Included with the course is a sampler pattern that allows you to practice all the stitches and techniques you'll learn. There are two versions: the heart and a star!